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Content Expertise

My 20+ years as a consulting biostatistician encompass numerous areas of clinical medicine. I have developed specific research expertise in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ASD, ADHD, and OCD, including the analysis of several


  • cognitive measures, and

  • rating scales.  


I have gained extensive knowledge in cystic fibrosis analyzing data from hospital, national, and international databases across a range of clinical areas:


  • lung function,

  • pancreatic function,

  • cystic fibrosis related diabetes,

  • transplant,

  • infection, and

  • diagnostic testing  

While biostatisticians can analyze data on any subject matter, including areas unrelated to health care, with experience gained from long-term collaborations, biostatisticians become familiar with issues specific to your field: 


  • floors and ceilings on laboratory measures,

  • variables with known threshold effects,

  • subgroups of patients whose data are known to deviate from others, and

  • the inter-relationship of variables of interest


This content knowledge informs the development of the study design and statistical methods, the interpretation of model results, and the choice of tables and figures that best highlight the final story for a clinical audience. 

Selected manuscripts

Full list of manuscripts in:

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